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Down to Glacier Basin and out, then back in.Just past midnight we bivy on the moraine after Inter Glacier, then hike just a bit more to Glacier Basin, where we leave MP. Then we hike out to the car (3.1mi, 45 minutes), drive to Enumclaw, I get stitches (3 hours), get some emergency supplies (antibiotics + pup tent + Burger King---I'll pass on the Vicodin) and head back in to Glacier Basin (1h30) and up to Schurman (3h). Left trailhead at 3:00 and GB at 5:15. We miscalculated the additional altitude from Glacier Basin to Schurman, so it took an hour longer than we predicted, but we still got there at 8:30. It rained on us pretty hard, making expeditious tent raising important. I can say that we were really determined to make it back to Schurman, although I got winded on the upper ascent past the rockband.