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Mt. Washington via Winter Lion's Head trail with MP. 20kg pack for me: serious cardio workout on final 0.4mi to summit (which took 30 minutes); no pack for MP. Yaktrax would have helped for MP, due to backsliding in snow on ascent. 8mi, 4250ft' gain. 4:30 to ascend, 3:50 to descend. Bootpack was unmelted, snow was otherwise relatively shallow. No snow from about 500' below Lion's Head to summit. Started at 9:30 (stayed at Joe Dodge Lodge night before), lunch at 2pm, down at 3:00pm, back at 6:55pm. Self-arrest practice, glissading. Crampons not required. MP had trouble descending boulders on top of Mt. Washington. Some rather technical bouldering on Winter Lion's Head.