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Up to Kime (pronounced "chym") Hut and back. Thanks Jens!

start          1043
bridge         1051
1st sign       1055; 6.6km, 3-4hr to Field Hut
2nd sign       1103; 5.7km, 3-4hr to Field
3rd sign       1109; 5.5km, 3-4hr to Field, 30min to overnight car park (actual time 26m)
Field Hut  arr 1341;        2h58 from start
           dep 1429;        1hr to Table Top, 3-4hr to Kime Hut
Table Top      1516;        2hr to Kime Hut
3way sign      1700;        5m to Kime Hut (painted as 15m)
Kime Hut       1707;        2.5hr from Field Hut

to Field: posted as 3-4hr, actual 2h58
to Kime: posted as 6-8hr, actual elapsed 6hr24, actual moving 5h34


leave Kime      1158         2hr to Field Hut, 4/5hr to Otaki Forks
3way sign       1207
Table Top       1328         45m to Field Hut, 3hr to Otaki Forks
Field Hut  arr  1416         2h18 from start
           dep  1434         Otaki Forks 2-3hr
3rd sign        1705         30m to overnight car park
1st sign        1725         10m to overnight car park
carpark         1733         5h35 from start, 3h from Field Hut

to Field: posted as 2hr, actual 2h15
to carpark: posted as 4-5hr, actual 5h35