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Killington Peak with Dave and MP. 10.3mi, 2650'. 6:45: left Waltham (dom and ruth's wedding) at 8:30, got to trailhead at 12:15 (a few stops along the way, including Bridgewater Corners general store), finished at 19:00, ate supper in Bentley's Restaurant. Route: Bucklin Trail to Killington Spur to LT/AT to Pico Spur to Sherburne Trail. GMC lodges are quite different from AMC huts: similar to Cabot cabin (but larger). Partly sunny; only a few drops of rain. Views would be great on a nice day. The LT/AT between Killington and Pico is long and flat; all of the elevation gain is on Bucklin Trail (and Pico spur). Vermont trails are much less bouldery than NH trails (indeed, Vermont has much less above-treeline terrain than NH.)