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By the numbers:

After failing to find Rundlehorn on Monday (argh!), I asked Justin for suggestions of climbs that he had done. One of his suggestions was Beautiful Century, a 7-pitch sport climb within my desired grade range. There was a bit of sandbagging with respect to the approach time. We're pretty spoiled with respect to approach times in Ontario; 1 hour-plus approaches seem to be standard in Alberta.

The approach to the area starts near the Francis Cooke Regional Class 3 Landfill. The obvious way is through the landfill, but there's an enclosing perimeter fence and you can see the actual path outside the fence. Fortunately, the landfill staff let us out the padlocked gate with wishes for a good hike. Saved us some backtracking.

Unlike for Rundlehorn, finding the base of the climb was only mildly challenging. (I'm pretty sure I got to within 200m of the base of Rundlehorn, but never figured out in which direction to take those 200m). After decreasing backpack weight by eating lunch, we started climbing at 1:15pm.

Random impressions: I knew that sunset was late (yay May), so our combined 40 minutes per pitch was going to be OK. Been faster on easier terrain. Bolted anchors make things a lot faster. They're great. Descent walk is reasonable although I found it long. Could rappel, but would rather walk than rappel. Got to the car, back to Canmore, and failed to find reasonable quick-supper choices; even A&W was closed. Got food from supermarket.