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I was walking the streets of Rennes looking for traces of Jacques-Cartier (who is historically important to Quebec; also, a terrible diplomat). Meanwhile, my phone was down in the red-battery zone. It managed, however, to tell me that was passing along a message from our original hotel, telling us about how there was no hot water. Huh, I should do something about that.

After failing to experience Rennes's metro system due to a lack of time and due to construction at the train station, I met up with MP and we caught our train to Carnac. On the train, I received another email from telling me that my original booking was now cancelled.

I was tempted to write that fixing travel arrangements on the fly is the worst #firstworldproblem, but it really isn't, for so many reasons. In any case, it is always a deeply unsatisfying travel experience. (See: fixing Chamonix travel while on the train to Geneva). In the actual first world, your Internet still goes down, and your devices may not be as good as those you have when you're more stationary. Difficulties included finding out where the bus would drop us off in Carnac and how we'd get around.

We agreed that the Best Western looked like the best bet, even if it was a bit more pricey than I would have preferred (but way cheaper in May than now in June as I write this!). It was certainly 50m from the bus stop, so that was awesome. Also it had full pool and spa facilities (always important next to the beach!)

We eventually got to Carnac (which had included unnecessarily walking to the Dinan train station; a bus from Dinan to Rennes; a TGV from Rennes to Auray; and a local bus from Auray to Carnac) with two hours to spare before sunset. This enabled a walk along the beach at sunset, in fact on the same walking trail that we'd been on in Cancale, thousands of km away. (The GR34 extends over 1600km along the Breton coast. Life goals.) I noticed a lot of boats. I should've read the text in the window of the yacht club.

While MP was enjoying the pool facilities, I made arrangements to rent bicycles for the next day. They were free for 2 hours and cost some modest fee to rent for the day (10EUR for two?).

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