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Monday, August 6: Travel to Ano Mousounitsa, hiking to refuge * Took taxi from Lidhoriki to Ano Mousounitsa (30EUR) - had to go to Plateia and wait for a taxi. I think the Kallipolis owner said he'd call a taxi, but we bailed on that after 45 minutes. Taxis were really busy and we had to wait an hour for a taxi to appear. * Ate at Ano Mousounitsa taberna in corner (didn't catch name) for 4EUR. Left bags there. Hiked up to 2nd refuge and set up tent there. The wide grassy meadow, Meghas Kambos, after the couloir, would have been much better (flatter), but it is another hour away. Hiking time: 1510-1900; book time 2h45. Tuesday, August 7: * Hiked up to Kourakas summit (2495m, Ano Mousounitsa elev 1000m). Total distance: 19km. * Many springs; water filter appears to be unnecessary. * E4: Gilbratrar -> Crete * Started at 1030, arrived at summit at 1230. (Posted time: 1h45). * Left summit at 1300, returned to refuge at 1430, back at village at 1700. * Ate at same taberna again. * Taxi back to Lidhoriki (25EUR), stayed at Kallipolis (50EUR).